Interview: 6 Fragen an Ylva & Linda
Ylva & Linda - When The Lights Go Out

Interview: 6 Fragen an Ylva & Linda

Mit sechs Songs sind Ylva & Linda Persson in den Vorentscheidungen für den diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm dabei. 

In unserer Reihe „6 Fragen an…“ beantworten die beiden Schwedinnen uns alles zu ihrem bevorstehenden Auftritt im isländischen Vorentscheid, zu den Songs in der Ukraine und Weißrussland, einem evtl. siebten Song in Rumänien und sie verraten uns ihren Favoriten beim diesjährigen Melodifestivalen.

Wir haben das Interview in englischer Sprache geführt und uns dazu entschieden, auch nur die Originalversion in englischer Sprache zu veröffentlichen.

Schwedenschlager: 2015 was a huge year for you. A lot of songs written by you have made it into the pre-selection shows in different countries; most of them taking place right now. What else can we expect for 2016? 

Ylva & Linda Persson: We’re in the middle of the Eurovision selection season right now with already 3 songs competed in Malta and Lithuania in the semi finals and we’re really excited to see what is in store for the 3 remaining songs we have in Iceland, Moldova and Ukraine. Next week we are going to Reykjavik and „Söngvakeppnin“ to take part as backing vocalists and songwriters on stage with the artist Karlotta and our song Óstöðvandi (Eye of the Storm), which we are really looking forward too! Hoping for a smashing performance with a „Bond-Adele feeling“ and a place in the final! If we go to the final we’ll probably go back again and perform live, but in English!

Our artist Doinita in Moldova is also making great plans for her act with our song „Irresistible“ and we’re awaiting plans for Viktoria Petryk in Ukraine. Of course we’re hoping a winning song this year and to be able to walk on the red carpet in Stockholm in May! Moreover we have also submitted a song to Eurovision Romania so we keep our finger crossed for a 7th song competing in Eurovision 2016. Then we would break our record with number of competing songs for 1 year, as we had 6 songs also last year!

Outside this we are working on new songs and a few releases with Swedish artists that also may feature in a Swedish radio competition and talent shows during spring and summer.We are hoping for an exciting year in 2016 and to take the next step with our music!

Schwedenschlager: With „Surrender“ you wrote a fantastic Schwedenschlager for Sigga Beinteins. Afterwards we got „Stay Tonight“ by Laura Kamhuber. Do you have another Schlager-Banger in the works?

Ylva & Linda Persson: We’ve always been fond of the more traditional schlager style and feel a revival is needed in Eurovision, so we have to make another one for sure! We have many good old and new song ideas saved for future projects, so if we can find the right artist let’s hope for a new success!

Schwedenschlager: The Question of all Questions: How important is a key-change for you?

Ylva & Linda Persson: A few years ago and backwards a key change was probably the most important thing in Melodifestivalen and Eurovision, but that has changed now. We did an interesting key change on our song „Varje steg“ that was in the web joker selection to Melodifestivalen, where it sounded like a key change but in reality it was not.

Schwedenschlager: In 2011 you released with „When The Lights Go Down“ a real ABBA-like Schwedenschlager. Don’t you think it is time for an 2016-updated-„Jenny Silver-Something in your Eyes“ version of it by yourself?

Ylva & Linda Persson: Thanks for enjoying our ABBA-schlager song „When the lights go down“. It would be great to release it in a new version if we can find the right artist that would fit the song, perhaps a german schlager…?

Schwedenschlager: Please describe yourself with three words.

Ylva & Linda Persson: Creative, Productive, Optimistic

Schwedenschlager: Melodifestivalen 2016: Who are your favorites, who are you the most excited about and when will we get the first Ylva & Linda song in Melodifestivalen?

Ylva & Linda Persson: We haven’t heard any of the songs yet, so it’s hard to tell our favorites, but we think that Molly Sandén has a good chance. We’re working hard every day to be able to reach our goal and go to Melodifestivalen. Fingers crossed for 2017! Dream, believe, achieve!

Vielen Dank an Ylva & Linda für das Interview. Ihr könnt den beiden Powerfrauen auch auf Facebook folgen. Außerdem findet Ihr hier die Spotify-Playlist der beiden mit vielen Songs von Ylva & Linda sowie anderer Interpreten.

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